BSides Brisbane

QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, Australia

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Tickets will be on sale from 13/10/2018, and will be available from the following EventBrite location.

Founders Edition

$100 AUD
Limited to 100 tickets
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Only available until 31/03/2019

Early Bird

$45 AUD
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Available until 31/12/2018

General Access

$50 AUD
Limited to 350 tickets
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On sale from 31/12/2018
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Conference topics


Interested in cool hacking tools, or even just breaking physical things that do important stuff?


We will be pushing hard to deliver a world class Capture the Flag event, with a bit of a twist!

Lock Picking

Who doesn't love breaking into other peoples things?

Advanced Topics

We're looking at low level tech stuff, while hopefully keeping some people interested.


Automation and orchestration, what does it all mean and what tools/languages should I be using?

Hack the cloud!

With all these O365 migrations going on, what should everyone be looking out for?

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