The current BSides Brisbane schedule can be found below. Please note that times are currently not fixed and are subject to change prior to the event.

QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, Australia
09:00 AM (30 minutes)


Presented by: Founders and MC
BSides founders and MC welcome participants to the conference, introduce the days MC and kick things off!
09:30 AM (1 hour)

A Beginner's Introduction to Drone Security

Presented by: @securitymeta_
Mike has joined the #BSidesBrisbane2019 lineup to talk about drone security, and how they can be used for offensive engagements in Red Teams, Pentesting and even Terrorism, as they tie SDR, InfoSec and Physical-Kinetics into one crazy, hovering laptop. 🚁🛸
10:30 AM (30 minutes)

Solving The Pigeon Obesity Crisis

Presented by: @unixbigot
We welcome Chris to #BSidesBrisbane2019! He will presenting on key management within the IOT space, with a focus on how the hardware element of IOT attempts provide a secure channel for certificate distribution.
11:00 PM (1 hour)

Purple Containers: attack & defense across the full container stack

Presented by: @shh_dontell
David will be presenting a dense but fascinating talk on the securing of containers from the top to bottom of the stack; Highlighting threats & problems at each layer and importantly the solutions to address them.
12:00 PM (1 hour)

Lunch break

Talks will close down for an hour to allow attendees to have a walk around the Gardens and find a bite to eat from one of the local retailers.
13:00 PM (30 minutes)

‘Ass Access’ but not ‘a backdoor’?

Presented by: @DrMoniqueMann
Monique will be examining the #waronmaths, including issues such as impacts on privacy and information security, the local tech industry, transnational data flows, and oversight (or lack thereof) of the new powers 👏
13:30 PM (1 hour)

Blue Teaming yo ICS

Presented by: @belarge
Bruce will cover some of the common cyber security frameworks that are relevant for Operational Technology (OT)/Industrial Control Systems (ICS). This presentation includes a bunch of stuff he wish he had known when operating OT networks.
14:30 PM (30 minute)

Mental Health: We Need To Talk

Presented by: @pingudownunder
Simon will present his thoughts on the current state of mental health within the cyber security industry, and will touch on how we can support each other.
15:00 PM (1 hour)

Red Teaming Cowboys: why should we care about infrastructure?

Presented by: Riley
Riley will demonstrate, by example, different approaches and what can go wrong when deploying and configuring your Red Teaming infrastructure. We will present a mature and resilient solution while also explaining how a simple 8-bit checksum could blow your whole covert operation wide open.
16:00 PM (1 hour)

Beyond the Hype: Machine Learning for Security

Presented by: @anthonygtellez
Anthony is a data scientist at Splunk and will give an overview of ML & AI Concepts, including what data science is and the promise of AI for security analysts. He will also give us a walkthrough of use cases in detection of ransomware and botnet using machine learning.
17:00 PM (30 minutes)

Close Out

Presented by: Founders and MC
BSides founders and MC will close out the first BSides Brisbane security conference, announce details around the after party, and provide an update on the year to come.

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