Call For Papers

Are you interested in running a workshop on some cool stuff you've seen, talking about random security related stuff?, or do you just want to have a chat with a group of people? See below for more info.

QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, Australia


See below details around submissions for speaker/presentations or running villages/events.

What we need

BSides Brisbane have supplied the form listed below to collect information about your submission. We are looking to capture at least the following information relating to your submission:

  • Your name/alias/handle
  • A cool name for your talk/presentation/village
  • A short abstract of your talk, workshop or event
  • How long you need to present?
  • Whether this is your first time presenting, and if the content has been presented before
  • Who your intended audience is

All submissions are to be made through the following form:

Topics of interest

We will accept content across any topic relevant to the security industry, however the following can be used as an initial guide.

  • IOT and SCADA
  • Hardware Hacking
  • Security Operations
  • DFIR
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber Crime/Warfare
  • Web & Mobile Security
  • Network Security
  • Physical Security
  • AI & ML in Security
  • User Education
  • Social Engineering
  • Cloud Security
  • Secure Design & Architecture
  • Cryptography


These workshops/walkthroughs/demos should give participants hands on experience in a topic of interest and relevance to the field of security. We welcome a variety of formats, if you have a specific approach or format you need - include these in the form and we can look at arranging the venue to accommodate. At this stage we have interest in a couple of full day villages, and some hands on technical workshops. These spots will go fast, so it is recommended that you get in early.

Technical Talks

These are standard style conference presentations. There is no need to contain bleeding edge security research, but should be something that you are genuinely passionate about or interested in. While dropping the latest 0day is cool and all, and we welcome you in doing so, there would be a preference for you to focus on your general approach and methodology.

Events & Villages

If you have an idea for a cool village or event that you would like to help run during the conference, please reach out. As mentioned above, there is a bit of interest already in this space, so it is recommended that you get in quick!

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